Lizzo Poses Completely Naked And Breaks The Internet

Lizzo has been taking the world by storm this last year.

After eight long years of grafting to make it in an industry that simply didn’t favor her, Lizzo is an inspiration for anyone that thinks about giving up.

Lizzo is a survivor, she’s a fighter, she’s an icon to women everywhere, and she is also really into taking nudes right now.

It seems that not all of Lizzo’s fan base appreciates the number of nudes that the singer-songwriter is posting.

But what’s so wrong with a bit of body positivity, right?

Lizzo is all about being your true self, being confident and giving no fucks what anyone else thinks.

Lizzo wants her fans to know you can be a sexy, cool, successful chick and still eat the big bags of Cheetos.

Lizzo isn’t about filtering herself or her butt.

I guess if you want to be a fan of Lizzo you’ve got to take her as is, she never promised she would be anything different.

And just to note… she did warn you about her love of nudes…

“I guess she was nude in that, but….” No but’s! Lizzo has spoken, nudes for everyone!

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Paint me like ya French bitch 🎨

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