Kylie Jenner Donates $1million To Australia After Wearing Real Fur Slippers On Instagram

Many celebrities have come in support of the battle to end Australia’s wildfires currently ravaging the country.

Chris Hemsworth, Kylie Mingoue, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and Pink are just some of the names who have made their voices and donations heard, and much to the general public’s delight.

One celeb, however, received a backlash for her comments on the horror.

Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram recently to express her sadness at the rate of animals that had died as a result of the fires. In the next story, she was proudly parading her Mink fur slippers. It didn’t bode too well on social media.

One user wrote: “kylie jenner really thought she was doing something when she posted being heart broken about half a billion animals dying in the australia fires and then proceeded to post a picture of her louis vuitton real mink fur slippers.”

Another said: “kylie Jenner posting on insta about how many animals have died in the bush fires and then immediately afterwards posting pics of her MINK FUR LV slides… that billion dollars didn’t buy taste clearly.”

A third raged: “Kylie posting about how she is feeling heartbroken about the death of animals in Australia due to fire and then posting her wearing a slipper made of minks fur is the biggest hypocrisy of 2020..”

But now, that very backlash has triggered Jenner into making a donation of $1 million to the wildfire cause.


“That post was completely unintentional,” a source said. “Kylie stands behind her desire to want to help provide relief toward the devastation the fires have caused.”

I mean, look, it’s all well and good, but Kylie is a billionaire. $1 million is nothing to her. Couldn’t she have coughed up a little bit more? At least $2 million? Come on!

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