Jimmy Kimmel Quizzes Billie Eilish On Music, She Doesn’t Know Who Van Halen Or Run DMC Are

Billie Eilish has had a rather successful weekend after winning 2 American Music Awards and absolutely killing her live performance at the Award Ceremony.

But this isn’t what people are talking about after her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week.

Billie Eilish – Instagram

The seventeen-year-old singer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last week to discuss dealing with fame and turning eighteen.

Jimmy chats to Billie about how extraordinary it is that she is so successful at just the age of seventeen, and he goes on to ask her about her musical influences and which iconic musicians she has heard of.

Billie & Jimmy – Jimmy Kimmel Live!

He first asked the teen if she knew who Madonna was, to which she replied with “I do know who Madonna is!”

But when he asked her to name “a Van Halen”, she simply asked, “Who?” to which Jimmy said jokingly, “I think I’m gonna cry!”

It turns out that Eilish knows of Cyndi Lauper, but not Huey Lewis or Run-DMC. “What is that?” the teenager said when asked about the iconic hip-hop group.

Billie Eilish – Jimmy Kimmel Live!

However, the singer was actually the most confused when Jimmy asked if she’d ever played with a Cabbage Patch Kid.

“A Cabbage Patch Kid? That’s like a Sour Patch Kid?” she said. “Is it a candy?”

It’s safe to say that Billie Eilish is a horrible reminder of how old we really are becoming…

Watch the interview here:

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