Jason Momoa Says He Still Always Visits Emelia Clarke

ICYMI, Jason Momoa rocked up for an interview with Graham Norton on his Friday night talk show last week.

Alongside him on the couch was actress Regina King, Geordie comic Ross Noble and former co-star Emelia Clarke.

That’s right! The two Game of Thrones lovebirds were reunited on the red couch in front of millions of adoring viewers.

“Finally!” Momoa said, before Graham quipped: “Reunited with your wife. It’s like it was meant to be.”

Later on in the episode, Graham asked if the pair had seen each other since their Game of Thrones days. “We have,” Emelia said. “Everytime I come to London I call her,” Momoa added.

The actor played Dothraki leader Khal Drogo on the HBO show from 2011 to 2012. He is currently heading up Apple TV’s See

The dystopian action-drama takes place in a distant future where a deadly virus has killed most humans and left the few survivors blind. Except, that is, for a pair of twins who born with the gift of sight.

Momoa is not looking to compare the two shows, however, clarifying so in a recent interview.

“Let’s not do that,” Jason said, speaking to ET Canada. “Because I don’t want to compare them because it’s not even… they’re two… you can’t compare them.

“The only thing you can compare is they’re two worlds that we’ve never gone to these worlds before. Game of Thrones broke through and did that, we’ll do the same. They’re not even remotely alike.

“Drogo didn’t even fight. I’m in non-stop fights in this. The only similarity is that I’m in both, but they’re not alike.”

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