Jason DeRulo Chips Teeth Trying To Eat Corn On The Cob On TikTok

This, this is the content we need, right here.

Jason DeRulo is once again knocking his gnashers out for the #content gods. This time, he’s doing it using a corn on the cob attached to a drill.

Because of course he is.

Describing the stunt as a ‘life hack’ DeRulo quickly stops, recoiling in horror to show off the fact that he’s chipped his two front teeth.


DeRulo has got previous when it comes to teeth based mishaps, however, with the singer and Cats actor faking the loss of a front tooth while performing a handstand into his swimming pool.

Whether this is fake or not, it’s still top content and, to be fair, that’s what we all need right now.

We’re hoping his next stunt is him biting into an entire mango and screaming in pain as his entire top row are left imprinted on it.

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