Gwen Stefani Looks Bananas With New Bob And Bangs

Gwen Stefani’s new hairstyle looks so good on her its B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Since the 90’s Gwen Stefani has always resorted back to her signature blonde hair and a red lip. From center parts, pin-up curls, sculpted ponytails, and sleek clip-in extensions she has done it all.

But even now she still manages to surprise fans with a new hairstyle that looks incredible on her.

The singer, 50, revealed her brand new blunt bob and bangs on The Voice were she is a coach.

Gwen is filling in for Adam Levine for the shows 17th season, meaning she gets to work alongside her husband Blake Shelton.

In Monday nights episode the singer debuted the style that made her look almost unrecognizable.

She also supported heavy winged liner, a nude lip, and a band-uniform style top.

Unfortunately for any fans of the new look, the hairstyle isnt here to stay. Will & Grace actress, Debra Messing commented revealing the secret behind it.

Commenting on hairstylist Robert Vetica’s Instagram picture, Debra expressed her envy: “I want that wig!!!!”.

Despite not being a permanent change, it was a very realistic one.

And surprise, surprise just a day later the blunt bob had gone and her usual long locks were back.

With her hair styled into Brigitte Bardot-like bouffant, the singer looked back to her normal self.

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