Gordon Ramsay Paid Ed Sheeran £500,000 to Play His Daughter’s 18th Birthday Party

I tell you what must be great: all the lowkey concerts you do as a well-connected performer.

Sure, we know about the bankroll that comes with a public world tour, especially if you’re someone like Ed Sheeran. But most people wouldn’t be aware of just how much coin they make putting on a show for their famous showbiz friends for special occasions.

Take Gordon Ramsay for instance. His daughter, Tilly, loves Ed Sheeran. She’d happily be his Galway Girl if she wasn’t from London.


The closest she can get to that, however, is having him play at her 18th birthday party, all thanks to her dad Gordon Ramsay who may or may not love Sheeran too. He probably does.

Ed allegedly charges £500,000 a pop for a gig, but he’s claimed to have done this particular show for free. Nice gesture if you can afford it!

A source told The Sun: “Tilly’s bash was next level. It was clear Gordon had spared no expense in making sure it really was a night to remember.

“Ed is Tilly’s favourite singer so it meant the world to her that he was there, even though his set didn’t come cheap.

“The whole party had a James Bond theme, with drinks topped with her face or the 007 logo and guests encouraged to come in black tie. There was even a 007 ice sculpture which you could drink shots out of.”

Gordon rented out London’s Cuckoo Club in Mayfair for the bash, and celebrity attendees included Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham.

Do you think if I saved up I could get Ed to play at my house in time for Christmas or New Year? Wish me luck.

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