Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Dresses As Ariana Grande For Halloween And Nails It

Hailie Mathers has paid tribute to a musician for Halloween this year, and it’s not her dad.

No, the twenty-three-year-old has donned a mashup of popstar, Ariana Grande… and ex-fiance, Pete Davidson.

Remember that picture of the former couple walking around New York City, hand-in-hand, impossibly besotted, their whole future ahead of them? Both were sucking on lollipops – Ariana albeit a bit more seductively.


The couple went on to split, sadly, but the image of young, unapologetic love lives on. Especially in the heart of Eminem’s daughter.

Hailie is the rapper’s only biological child, who he shares with ex-wife, Kim Scott.

He also has custody of Kim’s sister’s daughter Alaina, as well as Whitney, Kim’s daughter from another relationship.

Throughout his controversial career, Eminem has regularly made reference to his children, writing several songs about Hailie when she was young.


In 1999, Eminem created mass outrage with his track “’97 Bonnie and Clyde,” which then-toddler Hailie made a shocking appearance on.

Listeners were horrified by the lyrics, which detailed the Detroit rapper killing Kim and he and Hailie taking a road trip to dispose of the body.

He previously admitted that he sampled Hailie’s own voice on the track when he took her to the recording studio under the guise of taking her to lunch.


The rapper told NME at the time: “When [Kim] found out I used our daughter to write a song about killing her she f***ing blew.”

Aged five, Hailie also featured on The Eminem Show album track “My Dad’s Gone Crazy,” which was inspired when she had improvised the song’s title while playing with her Mathers.

The song ends with Hailie: “You’re funny, daddy!”

Creepy! Happy Halloween!

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