Chrissy Teigen Shuts Up Trolls After Body Shaming Comments

Word to the wise: If you’re thinking of dropping some misogynistic bulls**t on Chrissy Teigen’s timeline, think again.

The model and author recently uploaded an eye popping, self proclaimed ‘thirst trap’ video to social media and, while there were plenty of positive replies, there were also, predictably, some idiotic attempts at body shaming, which Teigen was quick to respond to.

One troll replied, saying that Teigen was ‘built like a rectangle’, while others made similarly disparaging comments.

The 34-year-old shut them down in perfect fashion, though:

Well played. Also, while you’re checking out Chrissy’s timeline for yourself, she drops some top class food porn on there on a regular basis that’s well worth your time.

Shutting down sexists and cooking up cast iron skillet pizzas. A perfect combo in our book.

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