Chris Brown Reveals New Face Tattoo Of Sneakers

Chris Brown is certainly no stranger to a touch of ink. In fact the controversial rapper is partially covered in tattoos resembling countless different things.

However this time it appears the rapper has entered the world of the obscure.

I don’t have any tattoos personally. I wouldn’t want something on my skin unless I knew in ten years time it would still mean the same to me as it does at the time being.

Back when I was fifteen I wanted ‘Rock Out With Your (fill in the blank) Out’ on my chest. Thank god dad talked me out of that one!

However, I do have a sneaking appreciation for those who literally don’t care and will get something inked on their bod for zero reason altogether. For example, I have a friend who just got a moth tattooed on his arm. Why? Because he liked the girl who was doing the tattoo and wanted to chat to her… Fair play.

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Anyway, I’m losing track. So yes, recently Chris Brown had a new bit of inking done not on his arm, chest, back, or bum, but on his face – arguably the holiest of holies when it comes to a permanent inking.

But what did he get? Surely if you’re getting something on your face it HAS to be good. Well… Chris Brown got a pair of Air Jordan sneakers on his cheek. Don’t ask me why…

Taking to Instagram, Ganga shared some clear photos of the new tat.

What do you think about the tattoo?

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