Billie Eilish Dyed Her Hair And Completely Changed Her Image

Billie Eilish: The name splattered across all social media platforms. The seventeen-year-old singing sensation has taken over the music industry with her alternative pop-beats. With her album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? ranking at number one, it’s safe to say that Eilish is one talented teen. 

Other than her music, and her age, she’s also known for her quirky fashion sense. Her oversized neon t-shirts and baggy shorts have become her trademark look. And not only that, Eilish knows how to partner the outfit with a flashy hairstyle. 

Credit: @barstoolsports

While most of us opt for safer hair colors like brown, or ashy blonde, Eilish knows how to take a risk. She’s had blue hair, gray hair and even gone neon green! That one was very risky but it paid off.

However, in her new music video for “Xanny”, she’s decided to strip back on the outrageous dye-jobs and keep it simple and you know what? It might be her most daring look yet. She’s even decided to dump the basketballer look for a standard Tumblr girl ensemble.

Credit: @blessedswifty

That’s right. The queen of alternative is now your classic Starbucks drinking, poetry writer that probably wears large glasses that she doesn’t even need. “Xanny” showed us a whole other side to the singer, as she was dressed in a cream turtleneck, with chocolate brown hair and pink lipgloss.

Talk about a re-invention!

YouTube: @BillieEilishVEVO

There’s one thing that remains constant though… And it’s that out-of-this-world stare she always has. But you know what? We’re here for it!

Eilish posted a snippet of the music video to Instagram in which she announced that she directed herself. Is there anything this girl can’t do? 

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