August Alsina Speaks Out After Jada And Will Smith Talk

August Alsina has finally spoken out after Jada Pinkett Smith confessed to her husband Will, that they had an ‘entanglement’.

The affair took part at a time when Will and Jada weren’t specifically together, however were still married.

It caused huge media attention when they went onto their Red Table Talk and discussed the affair at length.

But now, August Alsina himself has spoken out and he claims that Jada’s use of the word ‘entanglement’ is something he agrees with.

More specifically, August explained:

I don’t know why that word is such an issue. I would agree.

If you look up the definition of ‘entanglement,’ it is a complex and difficult relationship. It was exactly that. I think it’s just the language that probably stuck out to people. But I definitely have to agree with it being an entanglement. It definitely was something complicated, a complicated dynamic.

He also revealed why they decided to come clean about their relationship, saying:

I didn’t really like that. I didn’t like the sound of that, especially when it wasn’t the truth. [It] started to f**k with my partnerships and business relationships and money.

I didn’t like how that started to tamper with my life and finances. I felt it necessary to get it out off of my spirit and clear the air

He claims that now everything is out in the open, August is happy and that he loves everyone.

He also admitted he doesn’t regret the relationship, claiming it’s helped him access his higher self.

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