Amy Schumer Has Changed Her Son’s Name For A Pretty Embarrassing Reason

Celebrities giving their kids bizarre names has been the norm for as long as we can remember, but it’s not often they give their children names that they end up having to change soon after.

Yet Amy Schumer has found herself in a pretty unfortunate situation, after realising the error her and husband Chris Fischer had made with their son, who was born last year.

Now, when you see that Schumer and Fischer named their son Gene, it might seem completely normal and innocent. And it is. Gene Fischer is a perfectly normal, everyday name that won’t raise any eyebrows.

But when you add in the middle name Attell, it becomes a little bit more suspicious.

Say it with us now, Gene Attell. What does that sound like to you?

The middle name was given in honour of the couple’s friend, comedian Dave Attell. However, when they realised that they had essentially named their firstborn Genital, the name was quickly swapped for David.

Speaking about the situation on her ‘3 Girls, One Keith’ podcast, Schumer said, “Do you guys know that Gene, our baby’s name, is officially changed? It’s now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realized that we, by accident, named our son ‘Genital.'”

Gene David will turn one next month. Having the name ‘Genital’ taken away is probably the luckiest and greatest early birthday present he could have received.

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