‘Shame On You’: Johnny Depp Fans Slam NBC For Letting Amber Heard ‘Defame’ Actor Once Again 

She made some severe claims in her interview and stated that she will stand by her statement until the end. She kept slamming Depp and calling him a liar.

She continued to slam Depp and call him a liar. “To my dying day (I) will stand by every word of my testimony,” 

While some passionate Heard followers still believe she stated the truth, others are now blaming NBC for giving Heard and her libelous charges a platform in the first place. People are outraged that this platform has once again been exploited for slander, and some have suggested that Depp sue her.

One such angry user said, “What is wrong with you?! Amber Heard is a known spouse abuser and you are giving her ANOTHER PLATFORM TO Verbally Abuse MR. DEPP! That’s not fair it’s actually disgusting and disturbing. Shame on you.”

Featured Image Credit: TODAY/YouTube

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