You Can Now Buy Dog Muzzles That Look Like Human Faces And It’s So Weird!

Muzzles are needed for many dogs who can’t quite control their bark or bite and let’s face it, they are a little scary looking.

No need to use your standard Muzzle any more.. there’s a new type of gaurd for your pooch and we guarantee they will look the best in the park. Or the funniest. You can’t go wrong with a human face muzzle right?

Costing $10.99 each on Amazon, the muzzles are safe and comfy with both the muzzle’s nose and mouth open so they can breathe easily.

One reviewer said:

“This was fun! Worth every penny with all the laughs!!”

From pouts to big smiles,the muzzles have many options and looks to choose from which is great! You can pick one to suit your dogs personality.

If i were a dog, i’d very much like to wear one of these!





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