World’s Cutest Rabbit Is Huge Instagram Sensation

Meet Wally, an English Angora rabbit. This bundle of joy is stealing hearts around the globe all because of his FLUFFY oversized ears and cartoonish appearance. He’s seriously adorable.

Wally (@wally_and_molly) has thousands of fans on his instagram account.

Molly, Wally’s owner, both live together in Massachusetts.

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Wally’s breed is oneof the oldest breeds of domestic bunnies, and they are known for having long, soft wool.

The wool must be sheared at least once every 90 days.

Molly wrote on instagram:

“Somebody’s in the process of getting a wool cut!”

“We have a little work to do on the haircut”

The fur isn’t the main thing that draws people to Wally’s appearance, it’s his larger-than-life ears, which retain their lengthy locks year-round.

You can use angora wool to make sweaters, suits and knitting yarn.

Dried papaya bunny candy is one of Wally’s favorite treats as it’s actually something Angora rabbits have to eat as they consume a considerable amount of wool when they clean their fur.

The enzymes in papayas help break down the wool to prevent blockage in the animal’s intestines.

Wally loves to play games and takes advantage of his unique looks and even freezes in place and won’t move until Molly says:

“You must be Wally the stuffed animal!”

She adds:

“Then he starts giggling and giggling”

Fans can’t get over Wally’s pics and videos and he amasses over 2,000 likes per photo.

One person commented:

“OMG I love this bunny so much he is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!”

Another added:

“omg I cannot handle this guy!!! Thank you for bringing him into my life lol”

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