Womans Panicked Call “I Have A Husky Giving Birth In The Back Of My Car. Please Don’t Tell My Husband”

Debbie, the husky, was going into labor at a shelter, which is no place to give brith, so was moved to somewhere more appropriate.

Suddenly, finding herself in a very difficult situtation, rescue volunteer Jennifer Taylor, screamed:

“She’s having her babies now!”

Texas Sled Dog Rescue agreed to take the soon-to-be mom, but as Taylor was arranging a ride, she began to realise that the hour ride to the place was too long for Debbie.

The Husky started bringing her puppies into the world within moments. Taylor immediately decided to take the growing family home and give it all the care it needed.

Taylor, who is incredibly kind, has fostered about 500 dogs and drove around so many of them that her husband bought her an SUV just for the dogs.

Taylor on the day of moving Debbie used her husband’s car to drive to the shelter instead. It was supposed to remain dog free, puppy free even.

Taylor picked up the Husky anyway. she wrote on Facebook (which her other half doesn’t use:

“I have a husky giving birth in the back of my car. Please don’t tell my husband,”

Taylor explained:

“I said, ‘Hang on, mamma,’ and she was in the back of my Mercedes in labor. I drove as fast as I could, juggling driving and trying to monitor her,”

Debbie had 6 girls and 2 boys that day.

Texas Sled Dog Rescue’s Rebecca Chavez said:

“We picked The Big Bang Theory as the theme for this family because they came in with such a bang; it just seemed fitting,”

The runt is still recovering, waiting for their trip to a foster home.

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