Woman Adopts Senior Dog That Looked Like Her Childhood Puppy, Realizes It’s Actually The Same Dog

Losing a best friend, especially a dog best friend, is truly heartbreaking. Human or not, it hurts so so much and it’s something we really struggle to get over.

And if you’ve ever experienced this kind of heartbreak, you would’ve never given up until you had that person or animal back in your life.. but sometimes, the odds are stacked against us and it’s seems impossible to find them.

Nicole Grimes who lives in Pennsylvania, waited years until she found her fury friend again..

She lost her beloved fury best friend when she was just 10 years old. Her grandmother surprised her with a pomeranian-poodle crossbreed and the two were inseparable…

Nicole named her new friend Chloe, and they had the best friendship. Things didn’t turn out the way she’d planned.

She explained:

“My dad got a job where we couldn’t have a dog so I had to give her up. It was so hard ”

After 4 short years together, the puppy was given away to the Washington Humane Society… until 7 years later.

Nicole was now grown up and already starting a new family when she noticed a post of an elderly dog named Chloe needing a new home.

Maybe it could be Chloe?

Nicole didn’t believe this at first but she still decided to adopt the dog without thinking.

After spending some time with the elderly pooch, she started to believe her initial feeling and after connecting some dots, it turned out that Chloe was in fact the same dog from her childhood!

How amazing is that?!

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