Wildlife Photographer Captures The Wild Foxes Of Amsterdam…The Photos Are STUNNING

Wild foxes… animals we sometimes fear in the night.. but these truly beautiful photos of them will change your mind. A Powys wildlife photographer took the time to capture them in their natural habitat, and the results are incredible.

Bushy-tailed and stunning to the eyes, these amazing creatures were pictured playing and hunting at a nature reserve near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

This photographer spent many hours growing closer to the Red Foxes which lead to the remarkable photos you’re about to see.

Wildlife photographer’s have such a rewarding job. They can completely see into the life of an animal and their relationships with other wildlife.

It took spending some time with the animals for them to become comfortable around the photographer.

It involved returning back to the same location to achieve the various images around the reserve. This isn’t something you can capture on camera from a quick visit, it takes time, trust and a very talented person to photograph these amazing creatures.

Check out the amazing photos below taken by incredible photographer Sean Weekly:







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