Viral Little Dog Copies Her Bronze Owner In A Living Statue Performance!

The amazing thing about cities is coming across the street performers and their wonderful shows. Crazily, although they look frozen and statue like, these are actually real people.

It takes a lot of patience, physical control and endurance to perform this kind of street art which has a long history in the European street theater tradition dating back to early medieval period.

You thought that was impressive.. wait til you read this heart-warming story of a young street artist.

Yorge Luís Ruiz, a Venezuelan street performer has been perfecting his art for four years since he moved to Fortaleza, Brazil. He’s not your typical performer as his adorable business partner, a dog named Jaspe, is also part of the act.

Jaspe is not only daily accompanying his owner to work, but she actually assists Ruiz in his act. She instinctively freezes during the performance while resting on living statue’s arm. We think it’s amazing!

Taking the internet by storm with 2.84M views on Twitter, Jaspe and his performance has been catching the eyes of people outside the busy streets of Brazil.

Check out these photos of the duo:






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