UK Faces Kitten Crisis As 84,000 More Cats Born Due To COVID-19

Kitten Crisis

The UK is facing a reported kitten crisis as over 84,000 cats could be born due to coronavirus.

Cat owners are being urged to keep female cats indoors as the number of kittens being born is expected to rise over the summer.

The kitten crisis is happening because many more vets are not carrying out neutering procedures due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Image Credit: Pxfuel

In news which sounds almost fictional, one man in Harrow found himself with 17 cats in the house – after his female cat became pregnant and multiple litter crawled out at the same time.

The RSPCA also had to rescue 22 cats from a house in the UK too.

One charity explained:

The issue arose when an unneutered female gave birth to a litter of four.

A young male in that litter mated with his own mother and sisters, who delivered their own litters, and the population escalated to 17 cats.

Image Credit: Pikist

Since lockdown began, the RSCPA claim to have taken in around 600 cats – significantly more than any other animal.

2020 eh?!

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