Two French Bulldogs Accidentally Cover Themselves In GREEN Food Coloring And Become Viral Stars

Pet’s act like little children sometimes. They get themselves into a mess simply because they’re curious little creatures. Innocently getting into trouble and awkward situations.. you can’t help but laugh at their mishaps and there’s no way you can get angry at them.

These two adorable French bulldogs managed to sneak into a cupboard ended up covering themselves head-to-toe in green food coloring. They looked like two tiny Incredible Hulks.

Yada Ornsomjit, the owner of the dogs, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw green Frenchies running around the kitchen.

She explained that she forgot to shut the kitchen door the night before but never thought they’d be able to get in a mess like this.

Yada explained:

”My husband and I spent half a day washing them about three times, but some parts of their bodies were still green”

“We were really tired, but they seemed not to know what they had done wrong.”

Check out the hilarious photos of the mini aliens below:







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