Troll Feasts On KFC In Front Of Vegan Protest

Another day, another vegan protest… and it seems that we cannot even go for 1 week without having vegans hold protests to promote their beliefs. But of course, with every protest comes trolls and haters.

The most recent protest was held by global activist group Cube Of Truth, who come from Anonymous for the Voiceless, in Sydney, Australia.
The protesters were stood in silence holding TVs that displayed graphic footage of animal cruelty and torture, particularly in slaughterhouses.

Anonymous for the Voiceless – Facebook

The protest was peaceful, and a lot of people were simply getting on with their day or took a moment to read what the protestors had to say. But one man decided leaving them be wasn’t enough.

He instead decided to buy a bucket of KFC chicken and eat it deliberately in front of the protestors.

Footage of the unknown man went viral via TikTok, and onlookers can be heard laughing as he casually chomps down on the fried chicken to taunt the vegans.

The unknown man eating a bucket of KFC – TikTok

The video has now been viewed more than 2 million times and it is doing the rounds on other social media platforms.

Many viewers praised the man for his behavior, writing comments such as, “He’s peacefully eating chicken, and whether you agree with him or not – they should be respectful,” and “He’s the hero we didn’t know we needed.”

One of the Anonymous protestors – Veganpossum.com

But many were angry with the man’s sign of disrespect, with one user saying, “Why do people think it’s cool to lack empathy for other lives and then make fun of people that actually care?”

Watch the video for yourselves here…

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