Thousands Of Penis Fish Have Invaded A Beach In California

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else weird and wacky pops up on the internet. This week, the latest thing to be doing the rounds is the so-called “penis fishes” that have invaded a beach in California.

The Urechis caupo otherwise known as the Fat In Keeper Worm or the aptly nicknamed penis worm, truly does look as gross as it sounds.

After thousands of them washed up on Drakes Beach in Marin County, a local man named David Ford was suitably freaked out by the sight, consequently causing them to go viral. Not only are they stomach-churning, but seagulls were also opting to feed on them… interesting choice in meal.

After images of the fish surfaced online, many users were quick to give their take on them, and as you’d expect, several cracked innuendos.

“No wonder the clams are so happy!” joked one user.

“Is Mother Nature sexually frustrated? Someone go check on her,” wrote another.

The strange fish serve as a reminder of just how many weird and undiscovered creatures remain in the ocean.

Penis fish aren’t the first freaky specimen to come from the ocean, and they certainly won’t be the last.

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