This Rescue Dog Has Gone Viral All Because Of His Unique Features

It’s no lie that the internet is full of gorgeous, funny and cute animals that make our day better when we are scrolling through hundreds of posts to make the time go by…

So.. if you’re a fan of animals, you have probably heard of this 2-year-old dog from Thailand. This cutie is called Lucky has very unique features that make him stand out from the rest of the pups.. you’d even go as far to think that someone photoshopped his eyebrows, it’s crazy!

Lucky looks like two completely different puppies in one and people can’t get enough of him.

Charice Fca Cha, said:

“I saw a post on Facebook that said that Lucky needs to find a new home. When I saw his face, I immediately knew I wanted him so I contacted the owner to adopt him. I was surprised by his appearance but I thought he is perfect and very unique”

When Charice, 29, adopted Lucky only recently, she never imagined the response the internet gave her regarding her unique pup. She posted Lucky’s photo on Facebook and amassed a huge 11,000 likes and over 600 comments.

It’s not hard to believe why Lucky went viral.. it’s all thanks to his pale blue eye whilst his other one is brown.. you thought that was unique.. Lucky also has one thick raised eyebrow as well… Amazing.

Charice explained:

“Some people don’t believe this is his real eyebrow, they think I used a permanent pen to draw on his face or photoshopped him. And I understand that it’s hard to believe that dog can have a perfect eyebrow and what’s more, above a blue eye”

Lucky, although looks very unique, is completely happy and healthy. His rare condition called heterochromia, has meant people wonder if he can actually see but Charice has said he is not blind and sees everything clearly.
Charice added:

“He is very mischievous, hyper, nervous, scared of any sounds and people, and a bit aggressive but I know this is because he’s never met other dogs or other people”

“Sometimes he bites Harry, my other dog because Lucky is very possessive of me. I’m planning to send him to school to learn how to be sociable. Other than that, he is very snuggly, playful, intelligent and he listens to my orders… sometimes.”

Lucky is quite the internet star and Charice shares photos of the gorgeous dog for everyone to see daily.. check out the photos below:





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