This Posh Cat Hotel Offers Your Pet Spa Treatments And Caviar

Yes, you read that right.. this is probably the poshest hotel for cats for those looking to give their feline friend a whole lot of pampering.

The spa offers human sized rooms, spa treatments, a chauffeur AND caviar… how nice is that?

Lawlor Cat Hotel is a five-star cattery offering top end treatments to it’s fury visitors.

The hotel is made up of two houses, the Coach House and the Lodge. Between them they have a whopping 23 suites, all costing between £20-£25 a day with a minimum three-day stay. Nice!

In the rooms you’ll find a sofa, a bunk bed, litter tray and some cat-sized flowers. Cute!

The hotel offers Michelin standard dishes including Dublin Bay king
prawns, a bacon wrapped monkfish, and even some beluga caviar – wow!

It costs around £3.50 a gram or £160 for 50g.

You can get a Brazilian hygiene clip from £65 or a lion cut for £85.

Recently, CCTV has been installed in each room so for £5 you can watch your cat whilst you’re away.

The owner says:

“We strive to be a home from home for these wonderful pets – a ‘home comforts’ place”

“We are not a cattery – we are a proper full-on hotel.”

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