This Police Department Allows Parking Fines To Be Paid Off By Donating Cat Food To Shelter

Parking tickets. They get people everyday and it’s an annoyance for anyone who gets stuck with one.

But what if you could feel so much better about paying off your ‘fine’? Having the money spent on something more worth while..

This is Muncie Animal Care & Services, an animal shelter based in Indiana. They have provided animal adoption and animal control services for years.

The shelter hold 350 cats and kittens at the moment with more being brought in daily…

That’s a lot of cats who need a lot of food, so Muncie Police Department decides to step in and help and came up with a genius idea.
Of course, they wanted people to know about here clever idea so they tweeted it out to the world.

It’s now allowed for people to pay for their parking fines in the form of cat food for the shelter and we think that’s amazing.
It’s not just cat food that people can donut, but even cat litter or paper towels along with beds and blankets for the cats to sleep comfortably.

The donation must meet the fee of the fine and people could either drop off their donation or the police would pick it up for them.

Everyone involved were more than happy to support the idea and everyone wanted to help the shelter. Although the campaign only lasted a few days it’s help was amazing.

The donations provided were enough to feed and look after the cats. People who didn’t even get parking tickets made donations, too.

Muncie Animal Care & Services expressed their gratitude towards the Muncie Police Department and the people who supported their cause, we think it’s truly amazing that it helped in such a huge way.

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