This Is Pam Pam, The Kitten With Hypnotic Eyes You Just Can’t Stop Looking At

Meet Pam Pam, the beautiful cat with the most incredible hypnotic eyes.

Pam Pam’s eyes are definitely the reason people go crazy over this fur baby,

Now, you may think these are genetic but little Pam Pam has heterochromia iridis.

The condition is creates abnormalities in the iris, causing one eye to be a different color than the other.

Pam Pam’s eyes have yet another condition called segmental heterochromia, this causes the same eye to have different colors.. and it’s beautiful.

It’s completely harmless and some breeders intentionally try to keep it since it’s highly desirable among certain cat breeds.

Check out these incredible photos of this gorgeous kitty, Pam Pam is breathtakingly beautiful.






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