This Is Cinnamon The Puppy With Adorable ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears

Jen Deane one day rescued a litter of abandoned puppies. The little fur babies were just five-week-old puppies at the time and they were found in a public shelter.

The tan-colored big, pointed ear puppies were gorgeous. Amazingly, one stood out because of the way her ears curl inwards, making her ears look like two cinnamon rolls.

It was obvious she should be called ‘Cinnamon.’

Deane, the Pit Sisters’ president, fell in love with her unique looks and has never seen anything like it.

Once the beautiful dog had her picture everywhere, everyone instantly fell in love with her.

Some have even likened her look too a popular 1940s hairstyle, “victory rolls”

Cinnamon’s publicity was perfect for the rescued puppies because now they need adoption.

Check out these adorable photos below:





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