This Girl Is ‘Obsessed’ With Her Dog And They Take The Cutest Pictures Together

Ursula Daphne Aitchison doesn’t shy away from the fact that she’s obsessed with her golden retriever, Hugo. She puts the pooch in funny costumes and takes the best pictures with him. They are an adorable pair.

This has lead to Ursula having her dream job, as she is the founder of Phodography which aims to show the beauty of a dog and human relationship… it’s safe to say she’s nailed it with Hugo.

For the last 5 years Ursula has worked with animals and mainly dogs and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Inspiration came from her great uncle, John Ronald Craigie Aitchison, who was a painter.

John Ronald Craigie Aitchison was a Scottish painter specialising in vibrant, color-stained works. His work always featured his beloved Bedlington Terriers.

Whenever Urusla isn’t snapping photos of other pets, Ursula she makes sure she get’s plenty with Hugo.

Check out the gorgeous, hilarious and cute photos below! They will make your day:









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