This Frenchie Is So Obsessed With Baths She Gets One Every Week With Homemade Bubble Bars

This is going to make your day a whole lot better!

This is Charlotte Mae, a cute little Frenchie that loves loves making big waves in the bath and has the best time doing so.

Charlotte, is a huge fan of baths and when her time is up and the plug is pulled she sings a grumpy little song of sadness, but she knows that #tubtuesday is always near!

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This ball of happiness get’s her own bath every week and she absolutely loves them.

It all began when this curious pup wanted to hop into the bath with her owner..

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Becoming obsessed quickly, her human mom started making her dog-friendly bubble bars and even sold them on Etsy. The pair love bonding on #tubtuesday and it’s the best day of the week according to Charlotte.

The dog friendly bath bars contain simple, safe ingredients made especially with sensitive skin dogs in mind. So if your pooch loves a bath too… these are a brilliant way to keep it kind to their skin.

A patch test is the best way to test it first and a good rinse will stop any irritation.

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