This Dog Groomer Turns Pups Into Adorable Balls Of Fluff

Dog’s are everywhere.. we love them, they love us.. we can’t be without them. They make our days brighter, happier and their unconditional love is heart-warming.

In Japan, a dog groomer called Yoriko Hamachiyo amazingly transforms dogs into the cutest fur babies we’ve ever seen. Who doesn’t like photos of cute dogs?

Hamachiyo runs a dog salon called Yorikokoro in Tsu, Japan that creates fluffy pup hair transformations AND they show case these cute little fluffballs on their instagram and it’s sooooo adorable.

Check out the adorable snaps below:

All ready for a night out…

Her date is looking fresh with a trim and fancy bow tie.

How cute are these?


This is interesting…

Teddy or dog?

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