This Dog And Baby Have The Most Adorable After-Nap Routine

Meet Dodger, the gorgeous dog that was completely in love with his new baby brother the second he laid eyes on him.

Baby Everett and Dodger’s relationship is the cutest one on the Internet, that’s for sure.

Jessie Klorman, mummy to Everett and Dodger, said:

“He was the best cuddle buddy during my pregnancy, and always somewhere near my belly”

Jessie revealed that Everett was born several weeks premature, so when babies can normally come home soon after being born, his stay at the hospital was longer.

This meant Dodger’s eagerness to meet his little brother grew stronger.

She added:

“Once Everett was home from the hospital, Dodger either wanted to be cuddled up right next to us, or entertaining us”

“A premie newborn sleeps 15-18 hours a day, so the entertainment was appreciated.”

Dodger is the best big brother anyone could ask for.

Now baby Everett is 1, he’s a healthy and happy toddler with a beautiful relationship with his dog.

The pair have an amazing sleeping and wake-up routine. So whenever Everett is put down for a nap, Dodger is never too far away for his nap, too. He curls up on the floor near Everetts crib, guarding it as they both doze off.

When both wake up, Dodger is there to greet Everett with a kiss. It’s adorable.

Here’s a video of their beautiful relationship:

Jessie added:

“Everett absolutely adores him, his kisses and playing with him”

“We’re very happy they’re great together.”

This pair will be best friends for life.

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