This Baby Sneaks Up To Serious Husky And His Reaction Is Amazing

Huskies are beautiful, funny, sassy, serious and all round gorgeous pups.

Some people can worry about having such a big personality dog around little children.

This video shows how adorable a husky can be around a baby and it’s truly heartwarming.

The clip shows the baby crawling across the carpet over towards the dog and tries to pet his fur.

As soon as the little boy gets his hand close to one of the husky’s ears, the dog is very still and serious… then suddenly rolls upside down under the baby’s little arms.

Fast forward a few seconds and the husky is affectionately giving love and kisses to the little baby… so cute!

During this sweet moment, the husky never loses control or respect for the little child.

Even when the baby puts his hands in the husky’s mouth, he only gives the gentlest nibble!

The husky is very intelligent and can see how gentle and fragile the child is and that it’s his job to protect him.

Check the video for yourself below!

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