This Amazing Dog Saved His Owners House From Burning Down

Dogs are our bestest friends, they make us happy when we’re sad, give us love when nobody else wants too, and are the best listeners.

Meet Hank, who amazingly woke his family up in the middle of the night as an inferno raged in the back yard.

Hank started barking and his owner woke up to see why he seemed so upset, to his surprise he saw his shed and trees on fire. They called 911 straight away and alerted their neighbors as they were too under threat from the fire.

Hanks owner explained:

“The fire spread to the back of our house the same minute the firefighters got the hoses to it. A minute or two more, and it was gone. Instead, everyone is safe, and we still have a house. It’s black and crispy on one side, but it’s totally intact,” the owner wrote.

He added:

“The firefighters were absolutely amazing. It was windy, so they had to contain and deal with this for two adjacent blocks. Just totally, unbelievably skilled and coordinated.”

Hank is now being hailed a hero. People took to twitter to praise him:

“This confirms what I’ve come to know. Dogs are why I still believe in god”

Another added:

“This story is the whole point of Twitter”

Another said:

“I’m sorry that happened, but so glad you have a Hank in your lives to eat your shoes & save you from fires! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful happy ending story! Hugs & biscuits to Hank! Also kudos to you guys for not giving up on Hank!”

We still don’t know how the fire started.

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