Thirsty Armadillo Is So Happy Someone Stopped To Give Him A Drink

Sometimes, being kind can make a huge difference to a life.

Caio Giovani was kind enough to help this little creature out that was in desperate need of a drink.. it probably saved their life.

Giovani was driving a truck along a stretch of road in Mato Grosso, Brazil, when he was alerted to a small obstruction ahead.

What he discovered was a very exhausted armadillo in need of a much
needed drink.

He explained:

“I could see he was not well”

“It felt like he was asking me for something … for some help.”

Giovani took it upon himself to bring the armadillo to his truck so he could open the spigot and let the poor animal have a drink.

The armadillo was so grateful for the refreshing stream, Giovani watched on as he gulped down the water.

He then carried the armadillo to a shadier spot, and also gave him a banana incase he was hungry.. how sweet!

If it wasn’t for this kind man, the armadillo may not have survived.

He said:

“I left him on the edge of the woods”

“He was much better.”

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