The Worlds ‘Saddest Cat’ Was Scheduled To Be Put Down, But A Kind Couple Adopted Him And Saved His Life

Imagine having the nickname the ‘saddest person’ in the world. It’s not a nice label to have is it?

Hopefully.. it isn’t true either because that would be such a shame for such a beautiful little kitty.

Meet BenBen, this gorgeous boy was discovered as a stray kitten living in terrible conditions on the streets. He looked so sad and unhappy that he was nicknamed the ‘Saddest cat in the world’. Poor baby.

It’s as if BenBen never thought he’d feel happiness again… how heartbreaking?

To make matters worse, the poor cat was scheduled to be put down, but just one day before his life came to an end a miracle happened.

BenBen was finally adopted by a loving and caring couple who truly turned his life around.

When BenBen was found, he had so many injuries from living in awful conditions.

He was in such a bad way he even refused to eat and drink at the shelter.

BenBen was taken home to start his new life, and within one hour he looked like a completely different cat.

He recovered in no time and was truly grateful for a second chance.

Check out some adorable photos of this fur baby below:






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