Teens Save As Many Koalas By Driving Around And Filling Their Car

A pair of teenagers have taken the law into their own hands by saving any koalas they can find.

The cousins, who have posted their rescue missions on social media, can be seen storing the animal in their car away from the danger of the fires.

The video was taken on Kangaroo Island, a wildlife refuge off the coast of South Australia.

One teen could be heard saying: ‘This is our little koala rescue’ before focusing in on a mother who was cuddling with her joey. He then adds: ‘We are just trying to collect as many live ones as we can.’


Professor of ecology at the University of Sydney, Chris Dickman, has expressed his fear that the endangered group of marsupials will struggle to survive in captivity and in unfamiliar areas of the wild due to their sensitive nature.

He explained to Daily Mail Australia: “Some things probably won’t come back.”

The scholar also revealed that around 480million animals have lost their lives in just one state since the fires took hold, including a variety of mammals, birds and reptiles.

“It’s nearly half a billion native animals,” he continued.

“Almost certainly, a lot of koalas would have been killed directly by the flames and probably indirectly by a combination of starvation, being picked off by dogs, even for the ones that survived.”

“It’s not easy to keep them in captivity for long periods and maintain their health.”

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley added that they might not withstand a change in environment if let into unfamiliar territory.

“The next, most difficult thing is how to reintroduce them into their habitat,” she told a Sydney radio station.

“You can’t pick up a koala that’s lived for several generations in one area and move it even 50km away.

“It needs the same area, the same type of trees, and it really is quite a complicated exercise – they’re not the easiest creatures to adapt to different circumstances.”

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