Teen Needs 40 Stitches After Dog Bites Her Face During Photoshoot

A cute photo-shoot turned into a living nightmare for Lara Sansun, when she was taking a couple of nice photographs with her massive dog.

Dogs are mans best friend, there’s no doubt about that. But you do have to be careful and that’s what Lara learnt just a few days ago.

During the photo-shoot things turned seriously ugly when her German Shepherd saw red and took a gargantuan bite out of her face.

Amazingly, the shocking moment was caught on camera and shows as the dog’s jaw opens around her entire face before piercing her skin.

Image Credit: Lara Sansun / Twitter

Speaking to local Argentinian news site, La Nacion, Lara said:

I do not know if I touched its hip or if it reacted like this because it is old, or it was because I hugged it and scared it.

Following the awful bite, Lara required a two hour operation and over 40 stitches in her face. However despite the savagery, she’s expected to make a full recovery.

Thankfully the dog wont be put down following the bite as Lara insists it wasn’t intentional.

A vet has explained that the biggest likelihood is that the dog bit Lara because of its old age. Its age means that the poor dog is beginning to get pains all over its body, and most likely lashed out as a reaction to the pain.

Let us just hope Lara makes the recovery doctors are expecting her to.

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