Study Finds That Humans Love Dogs More Than Other Humans

Apparently, it’s true. Humans prefer dogs over most humans (we’re not surprised AT all) and this study carried out at Northeastern University and the University of Colorado confirms it.

The study found that individuals who read the news expressed more interest in dog-related content than in human-related content. I can confess, reading about a cute heart renching story is so much better than a boring everyday news one about us humans.

We also have a different level of reaction and outrage was seen in response to articles about abused dogs.

In another study, 256 college students read a fake news report and expressed their empathy towards the story’s subjects but when given a report about an abused puppy or dog they reacted differently to one about an abused adult or child.

The students felt more empathetic towards dogs than human adults. It found that the older a human is, the less empathy he receives which is crazy.

There are more studies that have been carried out, including a British charity who conducted an experiment on MSN’s United Kingdom website.

The first fundraising campaign said:

‘Would you give £5 to save Harrison from a slow, painful death?’

An eight-year-old boy called Harrison Smith, diagnosed with Duchenne (Muscular Dystrophy) was the first campaign. The second fundraising campaign used a stock photo of a dog, the results found that more people clicked to donate for the dog’s fundraising campaign.

People have more empathy with helplessness and vulnerability. This is because dogs and babies cannot protect themselves unlike adult humans.

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