Stray Kitten Chooses His New Dad In Park, And Finds Forever Home

One day when Kawasaki Hina was going about his day as normal and commuting through his usual route, he was met with a little stray kitten that decided to follow him.

Thinking the little kitten was just being friendly, he realised the fur baby was on a mission. The stray liked Kawasaki so much that the cat would chase Kawasaki’s feet and stand on his shoes.

He tried to leave her behind countless times by her by walking on opposite directions but the cat kept following him. The kitten latched on to Kawasaki and she wasn’t letting go.

This cat knew exactly what she wanted and chose Kawasaki and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Not being able to leave her behind, Kawasaki went home with the kitten and decided to give the cat a forever home.

He called her Vell-chan and as soon as she was bought into his home, she snuggled on to his side and instantly felt at home in Kawasaki’s house.

The kitten slept like a baby straight away and basically took over Kawasaki’s bed. He couldn’t believe that this Stray kitten found him, wouldn’t let him go…and now he has a new friend for life.

Vell-chan and Kawasaki are best friends and she accompanies him wherever he goes or whatever he does.

How adorable is that?

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