Stray Dog Sets Dog Free Tied Up Outside Shop Waiting For Owner

It’s crazy how some things get captured on camera, because sometimes if theirs no video evidence, you simply wouldn’t believe it.

Dmitriy Timchenko and a friend witnessed a touching an amazing thing when visiting a local shop in Novorossiysk, Russia.

A local stray dog who is usually seen wandering around the area came decided he didn’t like seeing a pit bull tied to a pole outside a store (waiting for his owner) so he took it into his own paws and decided to set the pit bull free. How crazy?

The dogs owner popped into the store, momentarily leaving the loyal pit bull dog outside tied to a pole keep him safe while he went shopping.

The stray dog’s mind instantly made him think that the pit bull was actually left abandoned, so he had no choice but to help the pit bull. Maybe he has been through a similar situation and wanted to help?

The stray untied him from the fence. Timchenko and his friend explained it was an adorable moment and posted the video on instagram.

They located the owner and told her what had happened.

Although it wasn’t the rescue mission the stray dog had imagined, it’s still a very touching moment between both dogs and it shows how experiences effect these adorable creatures and that they only want to help.

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