Stray Dog Brings Gifts To The Woman Who Feeds Him Every Day And It’s Adorable

Saving or helping animals in need is one of the most heart warming things anyone could do. Animals sometimes can’t look after themselves and it’s our job to keep them safe and give them an amazing life.

Meet Orawan Kaewla-iat, a Thai woman that is known in her community for feeding homeless dogs that wander near her home. She is a hero.

One of the stray puppies she looks after and feeds every day thanks her in the best was. The little puppy, Tua Plu, brings gifts to Kaewla-iat.

He shows up everyday with an object in his mouth that he thinks is gift-worthy and gives it to her. How sweet is that?

Tua Plu signals he is hungry when he carries a gift in his mouth.

His gifts include a leaf or a piece of paper.

Locals joke that Tua Plu is trying to trade his gifts for the food Kaewla-iat gives him, almost like the pup is using the gifts as money in a shop.

Kaewla-iat posted a video of Tua Plu on Facebook, and of course, the video went viral.

Tua Plu and his dog mom found new home and now Tua Plu can share his gifts with his new owner whenever it’s mealtime.

Check out the video of Tua Plu below!

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