Stop Feeding Cheeto The Overweight Campus Cat!

It’s the hardest thing to not offer your pet a yummy treat, epecailly when they give you the ‘puppy dog’ eyes.

UC Davis College of Letters and Science in Davis, California have an orange cat called Cheeto living in their Physics Building. The only problem is.. everyone loves him so much they keep feeding him.. a little too much.

So quick thinking students of the campus teamed up to put up hilarious posters informing other people that Cheeto’s appetite must be suppressed. Not to offer any additional food to his diet.

Students wrote on their Facebook page:

“Cheeto, the ginger cat who hangs out around the Physics building, is looking more and more like a cheese puff. Please don’t feed him. He’s overweight and squirrels eat the extra food”

Below the feline body condition chart in which the obese cat is circled in black to indicate what Cheeto has become, the students put up a sign:

“His name is Cheeto and he has a DESIGNATED feeder from the physics department every morning! We quite like this cat as he provides valuable emotional support when Physics shatters our souls.

He has become far too overweight and for his health, please do not feed him – no matter how much he begs! And he will beg. Because he knows we are suckers!

Also, the squirrels like to eat the extra food, and they are getting heart disease (see Figure 1).”

People took to the web to share their thoughts:

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