Stella The Dog From Modern Family Dies Shortly After Filming Final Series

The hilarious little French Bulldog who played Stella on Modern Family has tragically passed away shortly after filming the final series.

The dog was around 10-years-old and was originally known as Beatrice.

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitch on the show, broke the news online, tweeting a photograph of the dog captioned: ‘ Rest in peace sweet Beatrice. We love you so much’.

Stella was Jay’s dog on the show, and he absolutely adored her. According to sources Ed O’Neill, who played Jay on the show, was just as close to Beatrice offscreen.

Guin and Steve Solomon, from Good Dog Animals, explained:

Ed O’Neill is in love with her! It’s very easy working with him because he brings Beatrice treats like popcorn and always looks out for her – like we’ll be doing scenes in the backyard by the pool and in between takes he’ll say, ‘Would you please get Beatrice an umbrella, she’s in the sun!’

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Rest in peace Beatrice.

You will never be forgotten.

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