Somebody Recorded Their Cat Saying ‘Well, Hi!’ In A Southern Accent

Life is far from boring when you have a pet. Whether they’re spoiling us with affection or making us laugh with their mischievous antics, there’s truly no shortage of vira-worthy content thanks to our pets.

One cat has gone insanely viral this week after appearing to say “Well, hi” in a thick southern accent.

No really, you read that correctly.

Credit: TikTok

An 8-year-old tabby called Gambino Bambino was caught on camera donning his newfound talent.

When Gambino’s owner was taking what appeared to be just an average video of the feline, things took a turn when Gambino ran across the room and hid away out of sight.

Credit: Instagram

As Gambino’s owner approached, a few seconds later, the kitty raised its head and somehow meowed a “Well, Hi!” in a Southern accent.

The clip was uploaded to TikTok and quickly won over users – having already raked in a staggering 1.4 million likes and 10.4K comments.

Take a look for yourself below:

The comments on the clip went crazy with shocked viewers who seemed to find the whole thing utterly hilarious.

“I can’t stop watching this” wrote one stunned viewer. “I just f*cking died laughing at the cat with the southern accent saying to his owner, ‘Well, Hi!'” added another.

Wonder what Gambino will say next…

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