Shy And Scared Rescue Cat Meets Stray Kitten And They Become Best Friends

One day Jazmin Felder heard some meowing coming from her yard, when she started to follow the sound, she found a stray tabby on the branch of the tree.

Her first thought was to look after the furbaby, she did all she could to make him feel at home… She named the Tabby cat ‘Buddy’.

Felder started to notice that Buddy was not playing with the other cats and that he preferred to be alone even during naps.

Felder then came across a five-week-old kitten and decided to take her in as well since the little baby had been abandoned.

Felder named the kitten ‘Hannah’.

Even though Felder had five rescue cats at the time, she didn’t hesitate to add another to the family.

Felder explained:

“I was raised to always take care of what life brought to me. And every time a cat crossed my doorstep, I gave them a home of their own and all of my love”

Buddy seemed to really warm to Hannah, which was different for him as he’d always liked and preferred his alone time.

The pair became best friends even with their very different personalities.

Buddy and Hannah do a lot together now, they groom, comfort, hug each other.

Felder added:

“Buddy will take food and give it to Hannah before he starts to eat himself. They enjoy batting cat toys back and forth and seeing who can reach the top of the stairs first. We are sure Buddy lets Hannah win”

Now, it seems Hannah has made Buddy more open to other relationships with cats as he has befriended more since their meeting.

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