Service Dogs Watch Live Musical As Part Of Their Training, And Their Photo Goes Viral

This is going to make you smile…

K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs is a full-service training facility based in Ontario, Canada.

The employees train service dogs to meet their handlers’ individual needs…they do this by getting the dogs to follow a unique support program.

The stages of the program include repetitive obedience and socialization training.

In the final stage, they demonstrate their obedience.

The dogs walk out of the program as well-mannered, outgoing, confident, and friendly pooches. They are great with kids, people and other animals.

The dogs need to have the skills to save their owner’s life if necessary, so they are trained to be able to cope with any situation.

During the two-year program, the service dogs get to watch Billy Elliot the Musical at the Stratford Festival.

This actually prepares the service dogs to accompany their handlers anywhere.

The 1,800-seat theater houses the dogs and they quietly watch the entire show amongst the other patrons.

They have to sit still and remain quiet, which is hard for excited and outgoing pups.

They have to sit at their handler’s feet while they enjoy the show.

Some couldn’t help but sit in a chair themselves and watch the film.

The trainer confirmed that the dogs did a great job, and they were able to get through the show in their best behavior.

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