Senior Dog Brought To Shelter After Owner’s Death, Cries Himself To Sleep Every Night

This is such a heartbreaking story.

Scooter, a 12-year-old Chihuahua, was so content at his home, he had the happiest life and was loved dearly by his owner. Unfortunately, this poor pups owner sadly passed away and Scooter was left heartbroken.

Amazingly, The Humane Society of Branch County took in Scooter and thankfully it’s also a no-kill shelter.

The staff at the shelter reported that Scooter had a hip injury and with being a senior dog, this would effect his chances of finding a home again.

Poor Scooter slept alone every night, crying himself to sleep. The staff thought if they took a photo of the dog crying in his bed, it would make people want to adopt him.

Amazingly, the photo soon went viral overnight and this made Jessica Lynn Howard very interested in adopting Scooter.

Jessica is a frequent adopter and has previously rescued other Chihuahuas from the shelter. Seeing the post, she felt so emotional and wanted to see Scooter straight away.

Jessica and her husband, Tim Howard, decided to adopt Scooter. When Scooter got to the Howards’ home, all the other dogs welcomed him and he fit in instantly.

Scooter now shares his new home with five other dogs. How amazing is that?

He now sleeps without crying.

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