Senior Cat Dedicates His Final Years To Helping Orphaned Kittens In Need, After Being Homeless All His Life

A tabby cat called Runt has been homeless his entire life. That was until Emily Blythe took him in and gave him all the love he could ask for. Runt was in a terrible condition when he was found, he was malnourished and had a respiratory infection.

As Runt is an older cat,  his estimated age is around 14 years old. Runt was treated for several weeks at the shelter until he was well enough to be taken to a foster home.

Emily explained that Runt seemed to like his new home when she fostered him, and he fit right in with the other senior cats.

Blythe couldn’t part with him as he was so comfortable in the house. Runt finally had a home to call his own.

He is a very easy going cat he gets along with all the pets in the house, even the puppies and kittens.

Blythe one day brought home a foster kitten and Runt decided to nurture the kitten. Thanks to Runt the weak kitten pulled through, as it was unsure if the furbaby would survive.

Blythe went on to bring home two orphaned kittens, Dolly and Reece. Runt decided to be a parent for the two.

Each time an orphaned kitten is brought to their house, Runt becomes a father to them. He treats them like his own and it’s truly beautiful.

Runt lives among Sassy, Pixie, and Petunia. He cares for all of them and is the best dad.

Unfortunately, Petunia was shot in the face when she was just a kitten. Now, the kitten, who has the love and affection of Runt, is happy and cared for.

Check out these sweet photos below:






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